The International School of Humanitarian Photography is a unique and innovative project that aims to train non-profit volunteers and staff to use photography as an effective means of communication in the humanitarian field.

Working as a humanitarian photographer in many countries, such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen the founder of the school Ibrahim Malla realized that there are no people trained in this field and started to hold courses to fill this gap. Humanitarian photography is very important for several reasons: the work of volunteers and associations is precious and needs to be photographed, to report the activities to the donors and increase the sense of trust and credibility towards the association, furthermore good photos would improve the external communication and lead to more effective fundraising campaigns. Some moments are unique and unrepeatable so it is important that volunteers and staff are ready to document them with proper photos. 

The photography lessons provided by the school cover several subjects such as: the choice of the persons and the situations to shoot, how to respect the dignity of beneficiaries, self-protection and photos to be avoided, how to include the logo of the association and the operators to show the importance of their job. The course will also improve the basic technical skills in photography on several issues and levels.

The trainer Ibrahim Malla has succesfully held humanitarian and emergency photography courses in many countries such as Iran, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Qatar, Bosnia, Croatia, Lebanon, Italy and Serbia, where the Humanitarian International School of Humanitarian Photography was officially launched on 27th October 2017 with the support of Nis Red Cross branch and of Petar Stojkovic , a humanitarian worker in the IT field.

Ibrahim Malla, is an Italian-Syrian photographer in the emergency, humanitarian and social field. He has documented in recent years the crisis in Syria for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, but he has also worked in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. He is a volunteer in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and in the Italian Red Cross. He has won 7 international photography awards and he has held photography exhibitions in Damascus, Madrid, London, Paris, Geneva, China, Germany, Scotland, Sydney, Moscow, Norway, Croatia, Bosnia and Italy. Ibrahim Malla's pictures are published by leading international media such as BBC, CNN, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and countless National Societies of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

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